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Contingency based representation helps offset your expense and risk.

How much does a lawyer cost?

Many people do not have the financial resources to hire a law firm on an hourly basis, nor to pay for the litigation costs associated with pursuing a lawsuit, such as the cost of hiring expert witnesses.  Paying an initial retainer and keeping up with the monthly bills is simply not an option.  Even for people with the financial resources, the risk of losing their case (and all of the money to pursue it) may cause them to decide against hiring a lawyer.  The contingency fee is designed for these very situations.

With a contingency fee agreement, our law firm’s fees are contingent on recovering money on your behalf.  If we are not able to recover any money on your behalf, then you will not owe any money for the time that our law firm put into your case.  If we do recover money on your behalf, the attorney’s fee is calculated based on a percentage of the money recovered.  In personal injury cases, it is most common to see contingency fee agreements that range from 33.33% to 45% depending on the nature of the case, risks involved, and whether the recovery is ultimately obtained after trial or appeal.  In addition to the contingency fee, it is common for a law firm to advance the money necessary to cover the costs of litigation separate from the attorney’s fees.

Another great benefit of a contingency fee agreement is that you know your interests are aligned with your lawyers, as both are interested in obtaining the best result possible in your case.

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